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Join our virtual learning experience designed to develop level five leadership skills that prepare young women for the world of work, business development to enrich their careers and positively impact communities.

6-week Entrepreneurship Program

SheCEO is a 6-week intensive program that fosters resilience, personal development, and grit in college age women of color while simultaneously assisting them in bring their entrepreneurial ideas from concept to creation.  Though sessions are for 1.15-hours weekly, participants will be challenged to increase capacity as thought leaders who embody social responsibility, business acumen, and presentation for the world of work reimagined post-pandemic. The last 15-minutes of each class is called, “Office Hours” for individual mentoring time. 

The Master Class

To ensure that participants can become thought leaders with tenets of Level 5 leadership, they will be introduced to the tools and mindset required to succeed as an entrepreneur.  This will include the fundamentals of speech and presentation.

Understanding Credit

This section is a cross-sectional component of the series because some employers base their hiring on credit profiles.  In addition, credit is paramount to funding and business.

Business Basics

Participants will work through the steps of developing their business which includes establishing an EIN, researching and completing the respective Articles of Organization, business planning and elements of funding (i.e. business funding, grants, and prospecting).

Executive Coaching & Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Mentorship is vital in personal and professional development. Through office hours, participants will have access to executive coaching and external peer-to-peer mentoring to equip each participant with the knowledge, accountability, and opportunities she need to develop herself and become more effective as entrepreneurs, thought leaders and future occupants of the C-Suite.  

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My experience with SheCEO and SAGSAW was amazing and inspiring. I never thought that I would find people who are encouraging and supportive as the people in SheCEO. I also learned a lot about being an entrepreneur.


The girls in SheCEO were very helpful when it came to coming up with slogans and tag lines for our businesses. I also think that it was fun but at the same time informative. Allyson was amazing as well and she always reached out whenever we did not show up to class or when she did not hear from us for a while.


She also allowed us to meet other businesswomen that would be helpful to us and they told us some things that were important in business. I was able to connect with those people on LinkedIn. Overall, the program was great I enjoyed every part. My favorite part of being in SAGSAW and SheCEO was the summit.


That was so much fun and full of women who were full of character, kindness, and encouragement. I thank SAGSAW and SheCEO so much for allowing me to be apart of this. I would also like to continue to be apart of SAGSAW and SheCEO from now on. It was so good I even told my niece about it. Thank you so much. 

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The six week cohort is designed for young multicultural women in the age range of 17-25 utilizing a cohort model and structured learning environment to aid emerging business owners in establishing and advancing their business operations. Participants will learn from leaders, professionals, and peer entrepreneurs. Through participation, young entrepreneurs develop their business utilizing important resources, skills, and networks needed to successfully build and maintain a prosperous business.

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The 11th annual SAGSAW Summit
SheCEO Pitch Competition Winners


2022 Pitch Competition

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The 2022 Pitch Competition provides an opportunity for our young entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas to a panel of industry leaders and peers to be awarded funding. SAGSAW has recently completed its 11th annual SAGSAW Summit SheCEO Pitch Competition and produced three winners; Darielle Clark, Destiny Allen and L'Oreal Bracey. Each presenter demonstrated their ability to clearly define the value of their business market; know their competitors and how they differentiate from them; understand the current state of their product or service; and possess strong closing skills to secure the business funding.  

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