SAGSAW's Approach

Health and Wellness, Financial Literacy & Wealth Legacy, Career & Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle and Leadership.  

It is SAGSAW’s understanding that each pillar affects the overall well-being of our mentees and each pillar is designed to bring out the best in our mentees to acquire lasting skills and tools to create their own formula for success.  Our mentors support the following goals and initiatives to our mission.

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SAGSAW takes on a fundamental approach to mentoring the whole person and our focus is based on four pillars of success:

We have a shared destiny, a shared responsibility to save young women from those who attempt to cause them harm.
- Glenda
Founder of SAGSAW

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Mission & Vision 

Our mission is to serve as a female multi-generational mentoring organization that encourages and inspires college and high school students to pursue professional and personal leadership. 

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Focusing on four pillars,

Career & Entrepreneurship,

Financial Literacy & Wealth Legacy,

Health and Wellness,

and Lifestyle and Leadership

our vision is to provide education and awareness by sharing successful life experiences through mentoring that brings together several generations of young girls and women whose life experiences transcend time.


Through these mentor relationships we:


We ensure that young girls are equipped with a healthy self-image to contribute to social importance and personal development.


We provide mentors across diverse disciplines aligned to resources, industries and experiences to help young women develop goals and ideas to have a global impact.


We instill self-confidence, life skills, and new experiences to contribute to society in a life-changing way.


We engage young women in financial literacy to foster healthy consumerism and spending habits.


We promote academic achievement through programs, conversations, and one-on-one interactions.

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"Legacy is not leaving something for people….. it's leaving something in people"

- Glenda

Founder of SAGSAW

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