Glenda A. Gill, Founder

Save A Girl, Save A World

Glenda A. Gill is an innovator for the 21st Century.  Throughout her career, she has closed gaps and built bridges through economic development with distressed communities around the nation. 


A courageous woman, she took on the auto industry and bridged the divide in corporate and community relations by crafting a strategic vision to achieve corporate, community and public relations goals. She was recognized as one of five women of color in the automotive industry who drove and propelled minority business development. 

Not a woman to rest on her laurels, Gill’s influence stretched further than all of her previous accomplishments when she founded Save A Girl, Save a World.  Recognizing the influence women have in the nation and the global market, she assembled professional resources together with a network of other accomplished women from coast to coast to work with her to mentor the younger generation of teens girls so that they, too, can impact this world for good locally, nationally, and globally. At the root of Save A Girl, Save a World is the desire to give girls guidance, aid, and offer resources so that they can go further than ever. Of necessity is the task to redefine and shatter the stereotype of minority girls.

In her own words: “We want to give these girls things that we wished we had. Our goal is to bring out the greatness in them and to let them know that we have their backs .”