"I am humbled and eternally grateful for SAGSAW's presence in my life.  The mentorship, selflessness and generous hearts have made a profound impact on my life.  I am extremely blessed knowing that my life will be completely different because I have great mentors.  SAGSAW has empowered me to become a better woman, friend, sister and all around person. The organization has been of the biggest blessings of my life.  Ms. Glenda, thank you for all that you are and for being everything I ever hope to be."

Aravia Patterson

SAGSAW College Mentee

Bennett College

"I want to thank you for seeing the effort, passion, persistence, and world in me that was worth saving. I’m a huge crybaby when blessings come along because my journey has not been easy or perfect. Every time you looked at me I knew you saw a determined young lady. I don’t believe in luck or chance, it was through God’s favor and grace. To reflect back on my experience from applying, to acceptance, then participation was truly rewarding. I received a mental and spiritual healing and I was affirmed of my capabilities as a sister. I am a firm believer in mentors and the power of influence from them. Ms. Aisha you are an amazing mentor."


Thank you again


Arneshia Scott

SAGSAW College Mentee

Clark Atlanta University

"The Save A Girl, Save A World retreat is an amazing opportunity for young ladies to learn from successful women who can inspire them to pursue their dreams."

Pamela Alexander

Director of Community Development and Fund Operations

Ford Motor Company Fund

" I loved meeting my mentees, but enjoyed my time with the other mentors just as much. The programming was relevant and informative and the weekend went smoothly without a hitch. Thanks again for all your hard work."

Kamilah Cole

SAGSAW Professional Mentor

Assistant Director, Clark Atlanta Center for Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC)

An Extraordinary Blessing!!


This weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing Save A Girl, Save A World retreat. It was an extraordinary experience, and I will definitely be back next year! I have met so many inspiring, beautiful, and empowered women of color. I was the winner of the Business Pitch Contest, which is a blessing in itself, and I just wanted to thank everyone at SAGSAW again, especially Ms. Glenda Gill, and all of the donors and sponsors from World of Money, and Volkswagen for investing in me and my future! I cannot express my gratitude enough, and I will continue to make you all proud. 

Ophelia Murray 

SAGSAW College Mentee

Bennett College

As a high school mentor, I have learn a lot and learn that “sisterhood is not someone that you were born with but someone that cares and loves you as one”. I am very thankful of this event. They have opened my eyes to a new begin. Now, I understand that I have a voice and mind to dream big. That I can do anything I want in life. I’m determined to change the world. A big inspiration was Mr. Hotes. He shows me things and tough me things that other people don’t see. I’m very thankful for his words of inspiration. His story has showed me that I can change the world. That I can help others, not for me but for them. That people don’t have what I have and that I can give. I want them to know that I care about them. I have also learned that I can start a business. I have so many ideas and plan to start my business now. They have showed me tips to succeed in this world . Many of the speakers have been a great inspiration for me and my sisters. I’m much honored to have been in the program. I’m also thankful for believing in me to do great things. I have big plan for the money you give me and I hope to inspiration girl to join this program and to help me accomplish my vision. 

Denise Renteria-Velazquez

SAGSAW High School Mentee

Early Middle College at Bennett

"I attended the 7th Annual SAGSAW retreat and boy am glad I did. It was a beautiful weekend full of love & celebration. I felt poureed info as a mentor especially as the Reverend Hughes spoke. I am so grateful to have been connected to my mentees & all the great women I met that weekend.  I appreciate you so much and look forward to next year."

Elisha Lowe, RN, BSN, MBA

SAGSAW Professional Mentor

U.S. Clinical Development Manager, Author

"I just want to give my sincere thanks for all that you have done for me as a college mentee. Save A Girl, Save A World continues to help me push towards my passions, reach for my goals and allow no obstacle to stop me. As I was enjoying my second year at the retreat I was unexpectedly awarded the Kathleen L. M. Wikes scholarship of $3,500 sponsored by SAGSAW and Volkswagen. I'm so very grateful and thankful, even though I felt as if I didn't deserve it. The women in this program quickly reminded me why I did by keeping me positive, cheering and even shedding a few tears as I accepted this scholarship. At that moment I realized why Save A Girl, Save A World was so important. It builds young girls into young women, it teaches girls the value of gratitude and working hard and it allows you to understand that no matter how hard the journey may be someone always has your back. This retreat has been refreshing but mostly amazing because of the women who embedded their time into our lives. Thank you so much Save A Girl, Save A World!" 

Chelsea Tubbs

SAGSAW College Mentee

Bennett College