Have you attended a conference, symposium, webinar or other event featuring a speaker that you found particularly knowledgeable, compelling or motivational? Would you like to see him or her present a session at a future Save A Girl, Save A World (SAGSAW) event? 


We welcome the suggestion of speakers or presenters to be considered for future SAGSAW events. When making a speaker suggestion, please keep in mind that we look for presenters who are experts in their field, have a unique or engaging presence, will be of interest to the overwhelming majority of the SAGSAW audience, and can present content that directly relates our four pillars:

Financial Literacy


Wealth Legacy


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If you think you know of such a person, and would like to submit his or her name for consideration, please complete the speaker recommendation form below. 

Brief description about the person you are recommending: Short bio, Occupation, particular expertise, honors, books published, etc.

Please provide links to any webpages, articles, videos related to this person.

Have you heard this person speak publicly? If so, where?

Which of our four pillars are you nominating the speaker for and why?

As always, we thank you for your suggestion.