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The Hate U Give

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Let's Discuss This...

Protest that turn to “riots” and police murdering people in the Black community has taken place all across the country. Police brutality and murders against individuals has plagued the Black community since, and even before, Black Wall St. Massacre (1921), Detroit Riot (1967), Malice Green beating (1992), Aiyana Jones (2010), Trayvon Martin (2012), Rekia Boyd (2012), John Crawford (2014), Sandra Bland (2015) and the list goes on. Parents and those alike thought having “The Talk” with our children could prepare them for such encounters with the police however, even after obeying every order, speaking calmly, responding with “yes sir and no ma’am” our babies are still being targeted and murdered. The system that supports these unjust killings has caused tension, anger, and outraged to fester in the our communities waiting to erupt like lava from a volcano.

“The Hate U Give” is a heartbreaking honest depiction of what African Americans are experiencing in America today. In between page turns, I cried, pleaded with God, did a check-in with the males in my family and also did a little self-care as my anger and emotions became out of whack. Working with children and families, systemic racism is very prevalent in my field of work. I work daily to determine how to address the lack of opportunities, disparity, resources, access to equal education, and oppression and I still wish I could do more.

What are your thoughts about the book? What emotions did it stir-up for you? Are there some things you do or wish you could do to combat the issues presented in the book? Please share your perspective.

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