Save A Girl, Save A World + World of Money

have partnered to present a 

"Youth Biz" Pitch Competition

As our financial literacy and wealth legacy partner, World of Money Institute helps prepare our mentees for the real world, educates them how to generate and manage wealth, and make better financial decisions. Through the World of Money Youth Financial, mentees are educated in the five tenets for a financially responsible and philanthropic life: learn, earn, save, invest and donate. 

The purpose of the pitch competition is to motivate mentees into getting their business ideas out of their head, on to paper, and into an actionable plan. SAGSAW mentees will pitch their idea before a panel of expert judges and potentially, a live audience for a chance to win various prizes.




JUDGING CRITERIA: The judges will evaluate each idea based on the following:
1) Originality of Concept 
2) Polish and Appeal: Is this pitch easy to understand and aesthetically appealing? 
3) Effectiveness: Was the submission effective in presenting/selling and explaining the product/service in a passionate, professional and creative manner? 
4) Compelling: Was it captivating and left the audience wanting more? 
5) Length: Did the contestant adhere to the time length? 
​6) Dress Code: Is the contestant professionally dressed?

Eligibility & Application: Opening soon

Awards & Prizes: Various prizes available.