As our financial literacy and wealth legacy partner, World of Money Institute helps prepare our mentees for the real world, educates them how to generate and manage wealth, and make better financial decisions. 


Through the World of Money Youth Financial, mentees are educated in the five tenets for a financially responsible and philanthropic life: learn, earn, save, invest and donate. 

C-STEM curriculum offers mentees an interdisciplinary orientation to their structured curriculum and emphasizes integrating rigorous instruction in theory and method with hands-on, skills-based instruction by our designated teachers and mentors.

This partnership is aimed to train mentees to have specialized knowledge, skills, and experiences that propels them to be leaders in STEM fields and in their community. Annually a team of five or more mentees compete in the C-STEM challenge in Houston, TX in the areas of computer programming, debate, film, innovation, mural, photography, robotics, and sculpture.